Montag, 8. Juni 2009

unposted follow-up comment for flickr-thread on "Do you like to hear when you suck?"

on flickr and photography

I started a thread on in the group "Flickr Central" one evening, because a certain question occurred to me. Do you like to hear when you suck? Honestly? (no troll)

Here is a follow up I did not post on the thread.

I want to resent the idea that everyone who goes into a shop and buys any camera is a 'Photographer'.

I have no problem with people being able to click on everything they see, or make as much pictures of their babies, dogs and cats or trying to be creative.

I don't care if people run around through cities and make snapshots of everything in their way, never taking the time to really 'see' the things infront of them, to 'understand' them. Their choice. (of course, sometimes the 'right moment' dominates everything, granted - I am not talking about these). 

There are always several angles to photography, every path is valid.

Some people love baby pictures, because they love babies. The see cute babies in pictures and say: "that's a great picture"

Only cranky scruffy old chaps like me would feel the urge to open their mouth and object by saying: "This is not really a great picture"

I had friends who are professional 'old school' photographers. They used to think about and prepare for weeks and months for a shooting or sometimes even for 'one' shot.

And afterwards the result was still unknown because they of course had to go to the dark room, working for hours.

Photography was an undisputed 'art'-form as well as it was craftsmanship.

Depending on your own possibilites and capabilites people can or cannot do 'these' sort of pictures. I want to think that professional photography is still in it's own league. It takes years. It takes maybe decades to reach a point. And sometimes you even loose your craft.

I wish people would be willing  to see beyond the amazing technology inside the modern cameras and judge the result on the simple question: "What did 'you' (actually) do, to make this photo look so amazing?" 

I never bought a camera in my life, because I know, I am not a photographer.  Don't think, this would make my arguments less valid. I do love the old Hasselblads and Leicas etc...

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