Freitag, 26. Juni 2009

Holly Miranda, Marques Toliver

Holly Miranda, Marques Toliver

How many artists do you know who write their own newsletter to their fans? I don't know many. Actually I know only one, and that's Holly Miranda. 

After her Tour with her Band Members (incl. Marques Toliver) and AA Bondy she is finally back home and had some time to upload pictures from the tour and write a newsletter.

She will perfom in New York on July 25th @ 92y tribeca with Joan As Police Woman! She wrote "(holy crow.. seriously)".

So, if you are in NYC or in Jersey or Upper NY or ANYWHERE in America, go and GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!

It's $ 15 bucks, which is ridiculous! That's as much as a parking tip in L.A. or a 2 frappuchinos.

Don't miss it, because I sadly have to. Sucks to live so far away...