Sonntag, 24. Mai 2009

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Through the last 35+ years I used notebooks of all kinds. Think of Ralph Finnes in 'The English Patient' and his copy of Herodotus. I was never occupied by diary-alike 'me-me-me-blogging', but mostly wrote down quotes, equations, diagrams, some ideas to follow up on (by writing articles, essays or books - which I successfully avoided), and some quick drawings.

Von Notebook May 21, 2009 Part 1

Even in my most adventurous years I kept at least one notebook, or sometimes sheets of papers, backpages of ads, flyers, etc... anything, I could write on. When the paper/notebook was full I dropped it into the trashcan. I had to travel light, so I could not bother myself by travelling with tons of paper (I still kept many books with me, which I thought was more important to carry in my backpack).

Von Notebook May 21, 2009 Part 1

Of course, I do regret to have lost more than - let me think - 40-60? notebooks throughout the years? Possibly. Anyway, they are gone.

And this one will survive now, thanks to the 'Cloud' and Picasa.

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